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Business strategy

In our long-term strategy we focus on three key areas which help to ensure the company's future growth and development:

  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Competitiveness
  3. Innovation

These areas are helping to ensure the company's future growth and development


We are continually working towards improving our working environment and place emphasis on a visible and accessible management. 

Harbirk is a company with a high degree of employee involvement. In our recruitment procedures we value personality and experience in areas of transport and customer service. In this way we are sure to get the most qualified drivers who live up to our values and mission statement

Our efforts in this area are so far showing good results. A large number of our chauffeurs have been with us for many years and several have held their 25th anniversary with the company. 


To maintain the company's favourable market position as one of the leading transport providers and to meet the tougher environmental and safety standards, we have chosen to renew the fleet with an extraordinary speed. Approx. 50% of the fleet has been replaced in the last 2 years. And we will continue to do so. This will also help to minimize costs in maintenance and time in the workshop. 


We will continue to find new ways to improve our customer service and products.We will continue to challenge and raise the bar for what is considered the "industry standard". 

We are proud of the results we have achieved through our strategy. In 2008 Harbirk's bustrafik was selected to participate in 'Entrepreneur of the Year' among 42 of the most innovative companies in the Copenhagen region.