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Harbirk's Bustrafik has adopted an ambitious environmental strategy to meet the increasing regulatory demands with EURO-NORM and the introduction of environmental zones in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Aalborg - and Odense and Aarhus to follow.

  • We have almost reached our goal of renewing our entire fleet with modernized, environmentally friendly vans and buses. By 2008 we received 7 new buses that meet the standards. During 2009 we will receive another 2 buses. The buses run on a cleaner low-emission diesel with particle philtres to lower CO2 emissions.
  • To ensure that all our buses are 100% safe in traffic, we have implemented daily maintenance procedures. All buses are serviced regularly at our garage and undergo the annual statutory survey at an authorised garage, which include noise and pollution control.
  • In our administration and garage we have adopted a recycling policy regarding waste paper, glass, metal, tires, auto batteries and used oil.
  • Another way to reduce CO2 is to minimize idle running which is only permitted for max. 1 min. if not totally avoided.

As a result of our proactive environmental strategy Harbirk was selected as transport provider at the international environmental conference COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009