Harbirk bus lineup

Safety | Harbirk - Copenhagen Bus Tours


Passenger and driver safety is one of our main issues. To ensure that all our buses are 100% safe in traffic, we have implemented daily maintenance procedures.

  • Wheel chairs and other aids are all ways safely secured while driving to secure the safety of the passengers.
  • Our buses are all equipped with safety equipment such as seat belts and approved straps for securing wheel chairs whilst driving.
  • All buses are equipped with a fire extinguisher and first-aid box. In addition to this, a majority of our buses have rear-view cameras installed providing the driver with a maximum overview.
  • The buses all have emergency exits in case of an accident.
  • All buses are serviced regularly at our garage and undergo the annual statutory survey at an authorised garage, which include noise and pollution control.
  • The company has a non-alcohol and non-smoking policy. Employees are not allowed to drink alcohol during working hours. In addition, smoking is strictly prohibited on board the bus.